Start practicing mindfulness with Illuminating Spiritual Practice. Conscious aging practices help you cultivate wisdom. As you age, you may notice a desire to return to sources of timeless knowledge. We need peace and quiet in order to contemplate where we are and where we’re going and time to reflect.

When you sign up, you’ll  receive 58 beautifully formatted pages full of wisdom and prompts. Once you download your free PDF, you’ll be able to begin a Life Review. Become more aware of where you’ve been and where you’re going with this helpful e-book.


Your illuminating contents are:

  • Part One: Spiritual Excavation
  • Deep Mysteries
  • Creating a Spiritual Timeline
  • Part Two: Threshold of Inner Power
  • Nine steps for handling fear
  • Letting Go
  • Part Three: The Divine Dark
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Illuminating Dark Boxes
  • Part Four: Walk on a Rainbow Trail