Rediscovering what was

Before adulting was a word, before internet and cell phones, I lived in Idaho. First, I left Virginia on a one way plane ticket sent with love and expectations. Then, I remained after our divorce with no house and no wheels. Living alone for the first time, with $500 in hand, I went car shopping.


My friend, Bruce and I looked at four cars but the 1963 Studebaker Lark was the only one that started. Sold! It was a classic car. I loved its personality. I didn’t love the fact that parts were hard to find or that I couldn’t afford to restore it. I called her Jimmi Lark.


Jimmi was old but I was young, able to run eight minute miles, lift weights, practice martial arts. I lived on “Baltic Avenue” in a tiny, run-down duplex without a next door neighbor. Tess, my big moon dog, and Byrd, my cat, kept me company.


In writing this short exercise, I rediscovered feeling young, hopeful and confused. It was a time of many firsts in my adult life. There was a lot of freedom in those five years between marriages, along with a lot of mistakes.

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