Life Flows On in a Quantum State of Mind


When you’ve seen beyond yourself then you may find

Peace of mind is waiting there

And the time will come

When you see

We’re all one and

Life flows on within you and without you

~George Harrison


Since writing my post last week on the portals of aging, I’ve been in a quantum physics state of mind.


I am fascinated by light.  Light is a particle.  Light is a wave.  This incredible aspect of light is referred to as wave-particle duality.  The behavior of light depends on the observer. The observer changes reality.


We filter our own reality through our senses and mental perceptions.  We can change our reality through observation.


Even more astonishing is the notion of quantum nonlocality, the idea that the same particle can exist in two locations at once. If this is true, it allows for faster-than-light communication!


Each of us is a drop of water in the vast ocean.

We are the drop.

We are the ocean.


Evaluating Memories and Moving Forward


Memories are portals, gates or doors that lead towards understanding.  Each stage of development teaches us something if we pay attention to the lessons; but, our memories are affected by who we are and who we have become.


A maiden is (hopefully) innocent about the world.  What do you recall about being a child?  What stories do you cherish from your maidenhood? Were you innocent or robbed of your innocence?  What aspects of your childhood do you carry with you?


Mother does not necessarily imply that you bear children.  We are capable of creating all kinds of projects.  What projects have you created as an adult that you love?  Is there anyone you have “mothered?”


The Queen stands in her own power when she cares less about what other people think.  Her wings unfurl.  She feels increasing communion with Spirit.  If you have reached this stage of life, do you feel your strength emerging?  If you haven’t reached this stage, how do you see yourself growing into it?  What do you imagine for yourself as you age?


I have great role models for aging. My grandmother told me she loved being 80. She could say or do whatever she wanted and nobody said a word about it because she was 80.


My mother created and published her own book, The Art of Joyful Aging.  It is filled with her paintings and quotes from friends and family about getting older.  She started painting when she was in her 50’s after my sister and I left home.  She said that she felt like she had so much less time to waste than the younger students and was, therefore, much more motivated to paint.


I feel the constraint of time too.  How will I spend the time that remains?  It’s a question many baby boomers are asking themselves.


Acceptance leads to Presence


At any stage of growth, acceptance is the key.  Learning to accept the present as it is, ourselves as we are and the people around us as they are gives us a great freedom.  It increases our emotional health and spiritual progress.  If we are not fighting with ourselves internally, criticizing others, or wishing for something else, we remain in the present.


Presence in the moment creates a feeling of expansiveness.  That expansive feeling can also generate fear.  Do you know that love and fear cannot occupy the same space?  Do you love yourself as you are?  Do you treat yourself with compassion? I know how difficult it is to do.


Perhaps using quantum mechanics to explain the portals of aging is ridiculous.  Maybe not, but what I do know is that what used to seem impossible isn’t any more.  When I was a kid, I loved watching the Jetsons.  They could see each other on the telephone! It didn’t seem possible then but now we have Skype!


We are all in this together.  I need guides to help me with my wounds and scars and I am a guide, too.  I can remember being young and confused and simultaneously I am older.  Am I a wave or a particle?  Sometimes I go with the flow.  Sometimes I get stuck.


I am sitting at my desk.  I appear on your screen.  When I write, I feel the ink flow on to the paper.  When I type, I feel the keyboard under my fingertips.  When you read my post, my thoughts appear in your mind.  It’s all incredible and miraculous!


I seek to understand the truth and the nature of reality.


What are you seeking?



  1. Sibylle on January 22, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    Wow, what an amazing post. Thank you for sharing this! I think the question on how to spend the time left should really be asked at every stage in one’s life, but of course the second half of life throws it into sharper relief.

    What am I seeking? I’m seeking personal freedom and independence, and ever greater realisation of My Self 🙂

    Much love!
    Sibylle recently posted..Surviving The Dry StretchesMy Profile

    • Loran Hills on January 22, 2013 at 12:10 pm

      Yes, Sibylle, if we stay present, then the question on how to spend our time becomes very relevant at any age.

      May you find what you are seeking!

  2. Sarah Rubin on January 22, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    This. Is. Awesome. I so appreciate your perspective, both the long view and the particular view of a woman living her life. I, too, seek truth. And beauty. And the magic that is the universe.
    Sarah Rubin recently posted..Why I Want To Dare GreatlyMy Profile

    • Loran Hills on January 22, 2013 at 4:35 pm

      Truth, beauty and magic sound inspiring to me, Sarah!

  3. Tammy Vitale on January 22, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    Loran – this is fabulous! How lucky you are to have such wonderful role models into old-er-ness. I never knew a grandmother and think I lost because of it. So I’ll enjoy yours vicariously. Atho now I think of it I had my Mom’s older sister, Kat, who lived to 97 and didn’t write letters. I had the honor of rediscovering her in the 1990s and visiting 3 times – she was awesome – I think I will take her as my role model too: curious about what was going on, kept up with farming 30 years after she quit, was fearless, and very very independent right to the end.

    I really love the way you have captured the idea of quantum in your writing. Bravo!
    Tammy Vitale recently posted..Time For……My Profile

    • Loran Hills on January 22, 2013 at 4:36 pm

      We all need good role models for older-ness!

  4. Ellie Di on January 23, 2013 at 10:10 am

    I’m reading The Science of Harry Potter right now, and dude is talking A LOT about quantum physics/mechanics. It’s blowing my tiny mind with all the bizarre things it can (and can’t) explain. I love that you’ve found a measure of self-understanding metaphor in that realm of insane science! How important it is to remember that we have an impact on our own lives (waveforms!) just by observing. Think how much more we could do should we actively participate.
    Ellie Di recently posted..The sea of quarter-life crisis: When I can’t touch bottomMy Profile

    • Loran Hills on January 24, 2013 at 10:06 am

      Ellie, participation after observation is critical.

  5. alexis yael on January 24, 2013 at 9:43 am

    mmmm… juicy explorations here!

    I’m a sucker for quantum physics (my limited understanding of it still thrills me to the core). Wave and particle? Heck Yeah! Light is amazing. And so is everything!

    I have always had this innate love of getting older – I think partially because I knew from a very early age that my life is a complete gift (every second). My dad’s first wife died two years before I was born (on the same day). She was 20 (or 21? Or 19?), hit by a bus. Gone, just like that. And then here’s me, asthmatic (every breath is a gift and I know it). Wouldn’t have been born if she had lived. A gift. Every moment is a gift. Every life. (And every death. Ooooh. Yeah, that one is harder. But just as true.)

    I am earning my awesome elderly self by being the most amazing, awesome right now self I can be. I am growing into her, every day, every moment and every moment, every now I am her already: the culmination of every me I ever was. It just gets better and better.

    And if I am hit by a bus (g-d forbid) or struck down before I get to be that awesome 80 year old self, I will already have accomplished this: I am me. Fully. I don’t think anyone who knows me would say differently. I do the best I can, in each moment (and some days are hard, some years are hard and some aren’t) and I am (as is everyone) a gift.

    So I say hell to the yes, friend. We are incredible and miraculous! YES!
    alexis yael recently posted..wabi sabi beautyMy Profile

    • Loran Hills on January 24, 2013 at 10:05 am

      My limited understanding of quantum mechanics doesn’t stop me from trying to figure it out, either, Alexis.

      What an incredible story about your dad’s first wife. And, to learn from her, it’s powerful.

      YES! Indeed.

  6. Priska on February 1, 2013 at 5:30 pm

    We filter our own reality through our senses and mental perceptions.
    We can change our own reality through observation.
    I remember watching the Jetsons and being amazed about what the future might actually hold.
    I’m now in the future with young grandchildren who love talking to me on ‘facetime’.
    I show them what the dog is up to and give them sloppy kisses over the phone.
    They are taking in my love and wacky ways not only auditory, but also by visually observing.
    I get lots of fun wacky responses as well.
    I can observe them from afar, the phone call can change the total reality of my day, their smiles having lit up my life.

    • Loran Hills on February 1, 2013 at 6:42 pm

      Skype and things like FaceTime have probably made a lot of grandparents happy! I love it.

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