autumn sky washed blue

by thundering clouds rolling

towards the mountains


rain-soaked road reflects

orange, yellow, and green leaves before

bare branches appear



broken limbs packed in wet snow

gas flames warm the room


elusive safety

despite power outages

snoring dog twitches




where will we land now?

flight diverted by wind shears

weather patterns shift


street food and music

childe ristras, adobe

with turquoise accents


graceful arching back

fingers curling drumbeats in

the air–her feet stomp


gently touching me

silver maples in

autumn night breeze


flies landed on me

but I had no offerings

forest is quiet


searching for morning

glories in frozen grasses

chickens hunt for bugs




summer in the yard

praying mantis locks green eyes

sandhill cranes bugle


first autumn


in bird song


Perseids vanish

equanimity lost in

wishes on a star


arch his growl spit scratch

fierce and tiny kittens meet

the dogs who live here



molecules separate–see!

looking without looking


purple potatoes

bistro breakfast harvested

under ashen skies


gentle rains sprinkle

summer dark greens and browns

parched hearts beg for more


I rebel

against seventeen syllables

and rules


delicate balance

weeping for humanity

little blue planet


nuthatch in the air

chipmunk runs across the log

autumn in the pines


geese fly overhead

mail delivery announces

end of summer sale!


water in motion

wind and light dancing above

fish swimming below