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dancing in the still point on the spiral journey of life

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Dawn – to become day

I was half asleep when I took this image at 6:10 a.m. I forgot I took it until I checked my photo library for something else. It got me wondering, how much of my life do I go through semi-conscious? It’s all too easy to get into a routine and forget to pay attention.  …

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Continuing Education in the School of Life

For many years, one of my greatest joys and deepest held beliefs has been the practice of getting to know the Place where I live in a deep and intimate way. I believe that if everyone in the world passionately cared about her or his own backyard or neighborhood, then every place in the world would…

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Why I call myself the Queen of Wanderlust

Age 3, Colosseum, Rome   In 1956, my parents traveled with 13 pieces of luggage, me and my little sister through Europe.  We were on our way to Karachi, Pakistan where my dad was stationed in the Air Force.   Even though I don’t remember this trip, I was instilled with a sense of adventure…

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