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dancing in the still point on the spiral journey of life

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There is a word for it

  Shenpa.   What is shenpa? I appreciate Pema Chodron’s teachings on shenpa because she has helped me identify the insidious nature of my mind.  Have you ever had a broken tooth and been unable to stop your tongue from running over the jagged edge?  That is shenpa. The broken tooth can be an event…

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Metaphysical Thoughts

The prefix meta- means going beyond.  Metaphysical considerations, going beyond the physical, leads us into abstract thought.  Abstractions of a spiritual nature cannot be proven.  And yet, often, we believe these abstractions to be true.  As humans will do, we argue about the abstractions. Some start wars and ultimately kill over these abstractions.  I find…

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  Did you know that Monday was named after the Moon?  Can you see it where you live? Are you aware of its cycles?  Do you feel affected by its energy?   On September 12, it was a full moon Monday and I couldn’t sleep.  Earlier I went outside and counted 100 breaths barefoot in…

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