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dancing in the still point on the spiral journey of life

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Dancing in the Still Point

at the still point, there the dance is  ~ T. S. Elliott   These photos were taken over a period of time.  Each photo represents a threshold of change.  There is a natural flow and rhythm to the seasons, a quiet serenity I experience every time I step outside my door.   Photography helps me…

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The Portals of Aging

  Recently I was asked to write both about my experience of being in my fifties and my menopausal experiences.  It’s difficult for me to write in my authentic voice about this.  My first reaction is to start doing research and then educate you, my dear reader.  If I approach the question academically, then it…

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Moonday Musings

Body cells replace themselves every month.  Even at this very moment.  Most everything you know about me is nothing more than memories. ~ Haruki Murakami   What you know about me is what I’m willing to share.  What I know about you is what you tell me.  If I can’t see your face or hear…

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