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dancing in the still point on the spiral journey of life

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The I-Feel-Fat-Ugly-Old Guide to Spiritual Well-Being

Yes, I’ve been around the block a time or two, maybe three. I know what my self-talk patterns are really about. Cycles of despair. Neural ruts. They sound like this. I feel fat. I hate myself. If I eat, I’ll feel better. No, really. If I eat too much then I can obsess over my…

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Sparkling Gratitude

  This week I discovered and acknowledged some of the sparkling jewels that shine in my life:  Laughter  New friends who help me  My ability to learn and grow  A connection to my Higher Self The realization of the ways in which I have become native to my place   I became aware of all…

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The Calm Before the Chaos

Thanksgiving week and all is quiet today.  Tomorrow both my daughters, my sister and her husband arrive for the holiday.  Lately it’s been pretty quiet around the house.  One of the things I miss about not working is the socialization.  I didn’t expect that exactly.  Going to a job every day meant hanging out with…

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Gratitude for the Now

Emily Dickinson said, “Forever is composed of nows.”   What is your reaction to this statement?  Do you live in the moment?  Are you mired in the past or worrying about the future?     I’ve learned a valuable lesson about the moment from photography. If  I want a good sky shot I better run…

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