What do you see what you look at this flower?  Does it bother you that a petal is missing or do you still see its beauty?  Do you want to tell the flower that it’s a terrible flower and if it knew anything about being a flower it wouldn’t show its face?  Would you tell that flower it’s ugly or stupid or fat? Can you see where I am headed with this?


Perfection is an illusion.  Seeking to be perfect in an imperfect world is guaranteed to lead to frustration, dissatisfaction and unhappiness.  Listen to the critical voice within, acknowledge that it’s there and then lovingly let it go as Not Real.  Expecting perfection is a recipe for an emotional disaster.  If you constantly expect perfection then you will be reliably discontent because it is unattainable.


For example, cleaning the house.  It’s a hard job to get a house really clean.  It takes a lot of time. I tried to keep a clean house with two small children and a couple of dogs running around.  I would clean and then if someone dropped a crumb I would pick it up.  I was picking up lint off the carpet on the stairs.  I was getting tense every time I saw dirt. I was agitated by people walking around with dirty shoes.  I started to drive myself insane. Eventually I had to give it up and let go.  I accepted a reasonably clean house as manageable.


Sometimes the pendulum swung towards not reasonably clean.  Our tile in the kitchen and sunroom hides a lot of dirt.  One day I spilled something in the kitchen and had to use a scrub brush to get it up.  Much to my immediate dismay the cleaned tile was a completely different color than all the rest of the tiles.  It took me three days to scrub all the tile and grout!  Lesson learned.


Maintaining a sane balance between perfection and imperfection is important.  Don’t criticize yourself for being imperfect any more than you would criticize this beautiful flower.


See yourself for the flower that you are!


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