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Moonday Musings

Body cells replace themselves every month.  Even at this very moment.  Most everything you know about me is nothing more than memories. ~ Haruki Murakami   What you know about me is what I’m willing to share.  What I know about you is what you tell me.  If I can’t see your face or hear…

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Self-compassion Grows by Practicing Self-care

  I love the moon and her spiral cycles!  What’s almost inconceivable to me is that, “It’s the same moon!”  For as long as human beings have been on the planet, we have all watched the same moon! It’s ever changing and always beautiful.  Do you take time out occasionally to look up at the…

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Almost every Wednesday I visit my friend Curt.  Over three years ago I took him up on his offer to teach a meditation class.  We started out with simple five minute meditations focusing on the breath. Over time we’ve worked up to thirty minutes with a variety of practices.  Curt’s yurt is set up like…

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Gratitude for the Now

Emily Dickinson said, “Forever is composed of nows.”   What is your reaction to this statement?  Do you live in the moment?  Are you mired in the past or worrying about the future?     I’ve learned a valuable lesson about the moment from photography. If  I want a good sky shot I better run…

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Rainbow Tree

  Have you ever painted a tree?  Curtis Killorn did and he inspired me.   I’ve been thinking about it for months.  I bought spray paint weeks ago. This morning the sun was out and I thought, “Today is the day!” I headed out with a ladder, primer and six cans of paint.  I had…

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